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Business and Inspirational Speaker, Storyteller

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Nancy Schnoebelen Imbs says anything is possible if you believe in yourself. All it takes is a clear vision, hard work, determination, and perseverance. She knows, because her life and career experiences have helped shape her personal and professional success.

Nancy loves to empower others and share her message of strength, confidence, attitude, empathy, vulnerability, and humor with business leaders, teachers, and students. As an accomplished speaker and professional, Nancy recognizes life is a journey where we’re all touched with challenging obstacles and detours – but no dead ends.

Nancy’s inspiring talks provide a road map for helping others see their full potential. She believes everyone has gifts and talents to succeed in life. Her talks leave people energized and happy, ready to ignite the fire in their belly.


Sample Speaking Topics

  • Kindness is Underrated
    Simple words like thank you; you did a great job; I love your style are easy to say, yet so often go unsaid. In a world where we tip toe around political correctness, we lose – or don’t even recognize – the power of kindness and its impact on ourselves and others. Paying someone a compliment or patting them on the back create more good than you know. I’ll unravel situations we face everyday where simple acts of kindness can help you elevate your presence and ignite others in the same way.

  • If I Can Do It, You Can Do It!
    No one is immune to life’s challenges and messes. Overcoming obstacles in life not only make you stronger, they make you wiser. Most anything is achievable if you put your mind to it. Face your challenges head on and watch yourself succeed! I’ll share my personal challenge that didn’t derail me, rather it helped define my professional success.

  • What It Takes to Be Super Human
    No matter if you were born with the proverbial silver spoon or stainless steel spoon in your mouth, we all have the same basic needs and, often, aspirations. But it’s how we use our soft skills that ultimately define our success. The power of confidence and empathy are the cornerstones of soft skills – and emotional intelligence. I’ll share why strong soft skills and high emotional intelligence can make you the super human being others will want to become.

  • My Sister, Mary. Different is Good
    People tend to be uncomfortable with anyone who’s different. They’ll look for a second and then look away. Imagine how that would make you feel as a child. Imagine how that would make you feel as a sibling. Imagine how that would make you feel as a parent. Growing up with a developmentally delayed sister generated a lot of mixed feelings. It also shaped me to see the remarkableness in my sister, Mary and learn how different is good!

  • Yes. Maybe. I Mean No!
    Why is it as women, we have a hard time saying no? It’s easy to say but difficult to do. Is it because we’re too nice and don’t want to seem rude? Is it because we have this strong desire to be liked? Is it because we’ve been socialized to value other people’s needs and feelings – more than our own? Learning to use your “no muscle” not only builds character and strength, it puts you in charge.

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