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Our course offerings are designed to help budding professionls shine!

The greatest gift you can give a budding professional is a soft skill enrichment course. Polished offers engaging, timely classes to help your rising star get ahead in the business world and beyond.

Dining Etiquette

Learning proper dining etiquette helps set the table for success in many situations such as interviewing for a college internship over lunch, dining at a fancy restaurant with others, or attending a special dinner event. Exhibiting appropriate table manners at informal and formal dining settings can make a positive lasting impression. This program will help budding professionals learn proper dining etiquette and communications to increase poise and confidence.

Ace the College Admission’s Interview

While the interview is not the only factor in one’s college admission’s decision, it’s an opportunity to make a good impression while also learning more about the school. This program teaches the five essentials to preparing and succeeding in college admission interviews. The stronger you’re with all five, the more likely you’ll wow the admission’s team and gain acceptance to the college or university of your choice.

The Campus Tour: Minding your Ps and Qs

Campus visits are an important part of the college-decision process. College tours provide that valuable glimpse to help determine whether the school is the right choice for you. You’ll want to be on your ‘A Game,’ conducting yourself in the best possible way. This program offers essential instruction from how to present yourself when stepping foot on campus to enjoying a lunch in the dining hall and thanking your guide properly.

“Like,” “Um,” “Ya Know”

We’re all guilty of using these empty, useless words as they’re often spoken without realizing it. Take a stand and stop! Learn skills and tips to eradicate them from your everyday conversations.

What to Post and Not to Post

There’s no turning back when using social media. Manage your online presence with digital decorum. This program will share the dos and don’ts of using social media and building a successful career.

College to Career

Graduates entering the workforce should represent themselves with social confidence. Often, it’s your people skills that will determine whether or not you will land the job. This comprehensive program includes a host of topics including dining etiquette, dressing for success, the art of conversation, effective networking, attention-getting resumes / cover letters, and acing the interview to help the college grad succeed in his career journey.

From Head to Toe

Image matters. Proper groomimg – hair, makeup, clothing, shoes, and accessories – can help shape career success. This interactive program will help you develop your professional image.

Body Language 101

Your body language speaks volumes in the way you communicate. In fact, it’s reported over half of communication is conveyed through body language. Learning to use nonverbal communication can help you convey you messages more effectively than words alone. You’ll discover how to leverage your body language to give you a leg up in this competitive business world.

Business Etiquette

Good manners mean good business. Know and practice the essential social skills when presenting yourself in business. From job interviews to hosting business meals, from making the phone call to landing the deal, business etiquette is the mainstay to building strong relationships.

LOL – Not!

Leave your texting lingo and emoticons at home. Learn the art of sending a professional text or email that gets noticed for the right reasons.

Bench Press Etiquette and Protocol

Equipping athletes with media protocol and etiquette training not only benefits the athlete, it upholds and protects the team brand. Add etiquette skills, networking tips, and dining dos and don’ts to your team’s training regimen.