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You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Soft skills matter. In fact, studies prove people skills trump talent and can often make the difference in how far you climb the proverbial career ladder.

Polished offers professionals the competitive edge to help succeed in any workplace and social setting. Our specialized programs provide hands-on instruction for effective learning. We guarantee you’ll feel more empowered, skilled, and polished – all while having fun!

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Nancy Schnoebelen Imbs

Nancy Schnoebelen Imbs is an empowering leadership coach and communications expert. Highly dedicated and results oriented, she has the passion and skill for helping organizations and individuals achieve success.

From business leaders, athletes, politicians, and individuals to emerging leaders, college students, and high schoolers, Nancy’s knowledgeable and inspiring programs help many unlock their potential in extraordinary leadership, presence, power, and polish. She offers an informative, fun, interactive approach in her enrichment programs that can be custom designed to meet your goals and objectives.

Nancy is a licensed corporate etiquette and international protocol consultant from The Protocol School of Washington and earned a Bachelor of Journalism from the renowned University of Missouri – Columbia School of Journalism. She has more than 20 years of experience in the corporate world serving in leadership roles in marketing and communications. Nancy brings an extensive wealth of knowledge, insight, and education to her clients and gives them the essential skills necessary to handle any situation with style and aplomb. PRINTABLE BIO

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Attendees listen to Nancy Schnoebelen Imbs speak at the Annual St. Louis Women’s Conference.
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