Are You among the 70 Percent Unhappy in Your Career?
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According to a recent Gallup poll, 70 percent of United States employees are unhappy and disengaged with their jobs. They feel unheard, undervalued and unappreciated. That’s almost three quarters of the American workforce! If you feel you’re among this disproportionate number, then perhaps it’s time to look in the mirror and ask yourself some questions.

Am I in the right career?
So often we find ourselves “stuck” in a job because we’re afraid to take risks. We want to make a change, but we’re scared and unsure how to go about it. Don’t let time, fear and unhappiness get the best of you. What are you passionate about? What makes you skip? If it’s not what you’re currently doing, chances are you’re not in the right job.

Does my boss know my career goals?
In today’s global work place, managers seek more creativity and productivity from their teams more than ever. If you’re striving to be the best you can be and making an impact in your work, yet feel undervalued, ask your boss for some feedback. Maybe your people skills are not on par with your technical skills.

Do I need to enhance my technical skills?
Most of us put our professional enrichment programs on the back burner because, quite frankly, we don’t feel we have the time. Unfortunately, that is the worst mistake you can make – especially when feeling unhappy about your job or career. Improving your technical skills can help you outshine your completion. There are many professional courses, workshops and certificate programs out there just waiting for you to enroll.

What about my soft skills, do they need improvement?
While your hard skills are critical to do the job, it’s strong soft skills that will help you climb the proverbial career ladder. Developing your soft skills is also very empowering. The more you can learn about how to communicate effectively, be confident, manage upward, play politics, influence others, the more control and inspired you’ll feel about your career and direction.

The working world is not always fair and we cannot change other’s behavior or circumstances. However, we can use our soft skills to control how we respond to adverse situations and take proactive action in our best interest.

You have the power to put “happy” back into your work day.

Hard work alone does not guarantee success. Developing your soft skills is the most valuable investment you can make. There is no other investment that creates a greater return. Contact Polished today to get started.

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