In Her Own Words: Nancy Imbs believes confidence is contagious
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by Ellen Sherberg
May 3, 2023
published in Bizwomen

Starting your own business is a fantasy for many of us, but Nancy Imbs turned to other women to get the nerve to take her own leap into entrepreneurship. She believes you can do the same.

“I believe there is nothing more powerful than surrounding yourself with self-confident women. They possess an empowering presence that humbly speaks, “I can do this.” These leaders cultivate their confidence by understanding their strengths and weaknesses and maintaining a growth mindset. Their strong belief in themselves affords them opportunities and success.

We all have goals and dreams. Whether it is climbing the proverbial career ladder, transitioning into another career, or going out on your own, anything is possible with determination and a strong belief in yourself. I saw this firsthand through my winding career journey when I finally unleashed my confidence, passion, and skill to launch my own business.

Prior to doing so, I spent over 25 years working in the private, government, and nonprofit sectors rising through the ranks utilizing my marketing and communications skills. I enjoyed my roles but never completely felt passionate about them. I recall sitting in many meetings where my mind would drift off about starting my own business. I remember that inner voice constantly popping in my head to become an entrepreneur. The fire in my belly grew and grew, yet it was my lack of self-confidence that prevented me from pursuing my ultimate goal.

As much as I wanted to take the leap, the left side of my brain kept nagging me with questions: “How are you going to pay your bills without steady income?” “Who will hire you?” “What about health insurance and a 401k?” My lack of confidence made it difficult for me to see the benefits I could reap from my own business. Finally, I contacted successful women entrepreneurs and asked if they would share their advice and leap of faith with me.

These incredible go getters helped me peel away the layers of my fear. They helped me realize my fears were normal, that they, too, shared similar feelings. They encouraged me to follow my dreams and to “Jump because the net will be there.” They did not let fear jeopardize their goals. Rather, they let their belief in themselves pave the way to success.

When you believe in yourself, you become unstoppable. Too often in life, we let fear stand in the way. We take the less risky road and become part of the status quo. There is nothing wrong with falling in line. What is wrong is when you are not living your passion or purpose.

When we can look fear in the eye and not let it control us, we succeed. When we recognize our fears, we can better plan for short- and long-term goals to combat fears. Our vision with determination, confidence, and resilience lead the way.

In 2015, I happily and confidently began my entrepreneurial journey. I founded Polished, a leadership and development company, and I have not looked back. My only regret is that I did not start my business sooner. We only get one life. Believe in yourself. Do not let fear hold you back. You can do this.”