Teamwork – Do You Have What It Takes?
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Are you a team player?” You’ve likely been asked that question in a job interview or two, because working together is crucial to every position – from entry level to CEO. Teams are also an important building block of successful organizations. Whether the focus is on service, quality, cost, value, speed, efficiency, performance or other similar goals, teams are the lifeblood that support most businesses.

With teams at the core of corporate strategy, your success as a company can often depend on how well you and other team members collaborate. According to a Gallup study, teams with high employee engagement rates are 21 percent more productive and have 28 percent less internal theft than those with low engagement.

Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi defined teamwork as “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” In effect, teamwork is essential to accomplish the overall objectives and goals of an organization.

Follow these ground rules to ensure you’re a consummate team player.

  1. Be Constructive: Show respect, fairness, and honesty in all communications – always.
  2. There’s No “I” in Team: Encourage opinions and discussions from all members.
  3. Keep an Open Mind: Be open to new approaches and listen to new ideas.
  4. You Can Count on Me: Be a reliable team member who follows through and gets the work done well each time, every time.
  5. Listen Actively: A team members needs the discipline to listen first and speak second so meaningful dialogue results.
  6. It’s All Good: Change is constant. Look at conflict and change positively.
  7. Huddle Room: Create a space where employees can collaborate.
  8. We Did It!: Celebrate accomplishments and milestones together.

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