Beyond the Fork and Knife
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Etiquette is not some rigid code of manners. Rather, it’s about treating a person with politeness and respect. It’s displaying grace, biting your tongue and doing the right thing.

With the presidential election behind us civility, consideration, grace, politeness and respect have, unfortunately, been kicked to the curb. Our country is experiencing the worst of the worst in poor etiquette. We’re heading down the road to etiquette hell.

The senseless bullying, name calling and downright rude behavior (not to mention poor sportsmanship) are serious breaches of the altruisms we should all hold dear as Americans. Whatever happened to, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?” What about the Golden Rule?

While we all have moments where we can’t hold it in any longer and feel compelled to vent and express ourselves, let’s consider the 24-hour rule. Let’s think before we speak, post and act.

Let’s mind our p’s and q’s.

As United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said so eloquently, “Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.” I have a hunch he was referring to politeness and respect – beyond the fork and knife.

Follow these tips for a better you.

Good Game! – Accept defeat with grace. Shake hands, nod your head and move on. There’s always another challenge waiting.

Be a Gracious Winner – No gloating allowed. A real champion knows how to win – and lose. Character and compassion win all the time.

Don’t Lash Out Behind the Screen – Yes, communication is important, but avoid using your Facebook timeline or Twitter stream as a platform for your ranting. The onslaught of comments can lead to a destruction of decorum.

Master the Art of Small Talk – If you find you’re involved in a hot-under-the-collar conversation, take the high road and switch up the talk – the weather, your pet, football, anything sublime to take the heat off.

Breath In, Breath Out – Deep breaths can take the edge off and help you relax. Try it when the need arises, you’ll see a difference in your mood.

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