Beyond the Ink: The Power of the Handwritten Note
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You were finally able to score that business meeting with that all-important person. It went better than expected, and it looks like you may have opened the door to new business opportunities. You feel great. Your persistence paid off. Now back to the office to send that “thank you for the meeting” email, finish that report, follow-up on emails, return phone calls, attend an afternoon project meeting, make a list to prioritize for your workload tomorrow and call it a day.

It’s just another day at the office, right? Wrong!

Sending a thank you via email to that “very important person” (or anyone for that matter) doesn’t cut it. In today’s informal digital world, using pen and paper to write a note is more personal and leaves a favorable impression. It’s a way to distinguish yourself. It demonstrates good business etiquette, building upon your professionalism and reputation. What’s more, people love to open thank you notes expressed just for them.

The handwritten note also says so much more. It speaks volumes as a form of respect and sends the message that you care enough to invest yourself personally in acknowledging another.

Most professionals feel pressured for time and can’t even think about putting one more task on their overloaded work plate. Think again. Sending a handwritten note is just that – a note. Short and sweet, simply expressing appreciation.

A consummate professional is relationship driven and goes the extra mile, handling situations appropriately with poise and confidence. Handwritten notes deliver personality, warmth and, when needed, gravitas that computer screens don’t.

Handwritten notes also have lasting value – and who wouldn’t want to be associated with lasting value?

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