Seven Must-Know Netiquette Rules for Professional Behavior
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Online interactions are just as important as face-to-face ones. In our fast-paced world, chock-full of technology, we’re communicating more virtually than ever before – whether conducting business or not. Learning how to manage your online relationships and maintain good “netiquette” are not only good for business they’re also good for job security.

Follow these netiquette gold standards for the good of your career:

  1. Exercise the Golden Rule:Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If you wouldn’t speak to him/her that way face to face, then don’t do it online.
  2. Your Cyber Fingerprint. Remember everything you post in cyberspace is for all to see. Even if you’ve deleted the post, text, tweet blog, email, etc., it matters not. If you’ve published it, it’s traceable.
  3. Think Twice Before You Post that Pic. At the risk of stating the obvious, avoid posting unprofessional pictures of yourself or with co-workers unless you/they mind them being shared with everyone. As a brand ambassador of the company, posting a picture to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram of you chugging a beer at a company happy hour does not reflect the company in the best light – and you may even get canned (pun, intended).
  4. Never use profanity. Period.
  5. Bite you “Tongue”: Don’t post when you’re angry. Instead, take the 24-hour rule to clear your head. This will help you refrain from saying something you’ll likely later regret. And resist the urge to use all CAPS, as it may be interpreted as you’re shouting.
  6. Less is More: Avoid going on and on to get your point across. According to a study from Microsoft Corp., people typically lose their attention after eight seconds, showcasing the impacts of the brain and digital media. If you want your message read, go easy on the words.
  7. Shhh, It’s Confidential: Don’t, I repeat, don’t reveal company secrets such as data, competitive advantage, intellectual property and much more. It’ll cost you your job and your credibility.

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