Do You Have Executive Presence?
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One of the great myths in our world is leaders are born, not made – you either have executive presence or you don’t. Frankly, the truth is just the opposite: Leaders are made, not born.

Executive presence is a mix of learned skills, which everyone can develop with practice and determination. And once you achieve it, it opens doors and gives you the confidence, composure and ability to affect others positively.

What image do you project? Employ these seven skills to enhance your executive presence and send the right signals.

  1. Learn the Gift of Gab: Those with executive presence know the art of conversation, they have the skill to make people feel comfortable in any setting. They engage with others, ask questions and enjoy their company. They follow the Dr. May Anglelou’s wisdom: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

  2. Look People in the Eye: Eye contact matters in conversations and handshakes. It displays strength, manners, gives confidence to others and makes a difference in how others respond. Enhance your executive presence and meet others eye to eye.
  3. Present with Poise: The ability to speak to a group of employees, colleagues or clients and deliver key messages with clarity, confidence and grace is a true asset. It’s also an important skill for anyone who aspires to have executive presence.
  4. Obey the Golden Rule: In today’s fast-paced, deadline-driven world it’s challenging to always be on you’re A Game. As an important leadership quality, you should consistently treat others as you, too, would like to be treated.
  5. Dress the Part: Those with executive presence dress professionally. They know what to wear and how to wear it. They take care of their hair, skin, teeth and nails. They recognize attention to appearance affects confidence, attitude, energy and speaks to your overall image.
  6. Stand Tall: Good posture conveys strong executive presence and helps you engage others. Send good vibes by keeping your chest out and shoulders back.
  7. Show Warmth: People with executive presence are approachable and engaging. Be yourself and show a genuine interest in those around you, whether you’re talking to a receptionist or another leader.

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